Progress Evaluation

Receive Independent and Objective Evaluation of your child’s treatment

Whatever intervention your child is receiving, evaluate regularly your child’s progress is essential.

At Yayasan Baik we offer objective and accurate evaluation of your child progress using some of the most reliable instruments available today (such as Vineland II, VB-MAPP, ABLLS , Carsstarting from 600.000 IDR.

You can benefit from our evaluation service if:

  •  Your therapist/school/clinic does not provide you with regular objective evaluation of progress
  • Your therapist/school/clinic tends to define progress in very vague terms such as less hyperactive, more focus and similar
  • You struggle to see result of treatment in daily life or changes are minimal
  • You are attempting interventions with no or very limited scientific support (such as sensory integration, biomedical interventions, etc.)

Make sure you are spending your money and your child’s time at the best, contact us now to book an appointment.

Yayasan Baik, it’s time to learn and achieve!